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Shipping Rates

We ship worldwide and offer multiple shipping options, with a range of delivery speeds.

To see your shipping rates, please add your items to the shopping cart. You will immediately see your shipping options and prices based upon your location and the overall weight of your selected items. 

Please see our Shipping Terms page for important information that you are agreeing to by purchasing from this website. 

All delivery times are carrier estimates only. If your overnight or 2-day shipment doesn't arrive in the estimated timeframe, we don't refund shipping unless we are entitled to a refund from the carrier. As of 2/20/21 no carriers are honoring delivery guarantees so, effectively, there are no refunds. 

International First Class Mail users: We purchase Shipsurance shipping insurance for all international orders placed by First Class Mail (all other shipping methods include carrier insurance). We do not charge extra for this, and you cannot opt out to reduce shipping charges. 

The insurance carrier, Shipsurance, does not consider a shipment "lost" for 60 days. This means that you will get a refund if your order is lost, but we will not be able to file the claim until the 60th day. Until that time, we will keep a support ticket open, but we will neither refund nor reship an order before this 60 day milestone.

The vast majority of international orders sent by USPS First Class Mail arrive in a reasonable amount of time and are not lost. As of this update (February 20, 2021) most international orders arrive in a slightly longer-than-usual amount of time, due to a number of factors, which are evident to everybody. However, you should order by a method other than First Class Mail International if you are in a rush.

If you use a freight forwarder, please understand that you do so at your own risk. Once a package is tendered to a freight forwarder, it is considered delivered even if the forwarder loses the item. There are also some warranty limitations that apply to freight forwarding. For example, if you use a freight forwarder and have a warranty claim in the future, we will only send warranty replacement parts to a freight forwarder in the USA, not to your country.