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MediaLight Bias Lighting

My LG TV only has USB 2.0 ports

You know, we'd love to be flies on the wall for the marketing meetings at some of these manufacturers.  

"Let's make a kickass OLED TV and only give it USB 2.0 ports." 😂 

                                   - Some LG guy

There are a few solutions to this problem, but we want to know how you will use your lights first.

In general, any MediaLight Mk2 unit below 3m is below 500mA (the maximum for USB 2.0) even when set at 100% on the dimmer.  Larger units will draw fewer amps when dimmed to specific levels.  

For larger MediaLight strips we can send a free USB enhancer with your order (you need to request it first -- there's no charge if it's shipped with your order.  If you request it after your order has shipped out, just pay postage -about $3 in the USA). 

The enhancer combines the power of two USB 2.0 ports to provide up to 950mA of power -- the maximum draw of even the 6m Mk2 Flex at 100% brightness.